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TG Podcast: Ep. 1 – We’re Back…

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And we’re back with something new. Thanks to Stewart, we are getting back into the podcast game, though we are going to do this monthly. Yeah, I know, a monthly podcast. Basically that would mean that we would basically catch you up with an entire month’s worth of news in a 30 or so minute show, and thanks to Stewart’s wonderful (or infamous) editing skills, we did just that. The […]

Dell updates Inspiron line

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After updating the Inspiron Mini line, Dell has brought out an update to the Inspiron 14, 15 and 17 laptops. The new laptops have been redesigned for “on-the-go media consumption” and have a new thin chassis, 16:9 HD displays and will have an Intel Core i5 processor that will start at US$849 and are available now. There will also be versions with a Core i3 processor that will start at […]

Live: Steve Ballmer Keynote

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A keynote, a keynote. The very first keynote of CES kicks starts at 1:30PM today Melbourne Time, and like usual – will do live coverage of the keynote. Will there be a HP/Microsoft tablet? Will we see more of Office 2010? Is there more Windows Live services coming out? All will be revealed when Microsoft’s CEO Steve Ballmer takes the stage for his second CES keynote. Edit [3:37PM]: Event […]

Time for a Brutal History Lesson

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Brutal Legend has just recently come out a week ago and before i review it, I’d like you to listen and learn about the culture of Metal. Heavy Metal as we know it started in the summer of 69’, referencing to the song of the same name. The most legendary of guitarists was famous that decade, playing at Woodstock and being recognized worldwide. His name was Jimi Hendrix. Also this […]

BioWare and LucasArts announce Beta Testing period for Star Wars: The Old Republic MMO

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BioWare and LucasArts have announced their Beta Testing period for their Star Wars: The old Republic MMO and it’s quite interesting. Apparently BioWare and LucasArts staff are looking through the game’s community forum to find the most intellectual and active members for their Beta Testing. This will happen over several weeks so if you want a chance to Beta Test The Old Republic then sign up today for free. Announcement […]

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