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Star Wars: Battlefront set for summer 2015 release

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While very little news has been announced about Dice’s Star Wars: Battlefront we now have a possible release window for the much anticipated reboot. EA has announced today at it’s annual stockholders meeting that Star Wars: Battlefront will be released in summer 2015. This coincides with the release of the new Star War trilogy directed by JJ Abrams.

Users defend EA after anti-gay activists sends complaints

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Image: from GameIndustry Despite being labelled as the worst company in America, fans are defending the company after anti-gay activists decided to send letters of complaint – like the one above (which I facepalm at since it is stupid) – because of a game’s option to let you participate in a same-sex relationship with another character. (Also, letter writer above, you happen to have a poor sense of grammar – […]

TECHGEEK Weekly 35: So much for #winning

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We give our take on the Apple iPad 2 announcement, find out Microsoft’s response to the tablet and see if 3D is a big gimmick on the Nintendo 3DS. As well, IE6 hopefully goes into the grave and Street View now on bicycles? You’ll have to listen and find out. A shorten edition today as Audition managed to crap out and lose the entire recording (luckily we only just started), […]

The Force is strong in Rural France

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Clearly all is not well in the far reaches of the Republic, as this epic duel in rural France will attest to.  While details are barely filtering through, it appears that this small out-post and its inhabitants are forced to defend themselves from an invading menace, clearly seen to be blocking vital trade routes, most likely as part of some sort of diabolical plan which has no doubt been concucted […]

Star Wars: The Old Republic Battle of Bothawui video

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Bioware have posted another video in their timeline series on the official Star Wars: The Old Republic website,. It depicts a battle between the Sith and the Jedi which resulted in a draw. The battle was the first major defeat of the Empire’s ships which led to boosted morale in the Galaxy against the Empire, that they could be matched in strength. Several weeks later though, the Empire ordered several […]