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Meet @Horse_ebooks: The worst, yet also one of the most hilarious Twitter spambots

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Spam usually sucks. It’s everywhere, it’s constant and it’s generally annoying too. But in one case, it is hilarious. Meet @Horse_ebooks, a pathetically hilarious spambot on Twitter that, unlike other Twitter spambots, doesn’t bother anyone. Unless you decide to follow it. Based in Russia, @Horse_ebooks is a part of a collection of Twitter spam accounts which are meant to sell terrible ebooks, in this case terrible ebooks about horses. But this […]

TECHGEEK Podcast 21: We dropped the cable

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Okay, we get it. We fail at comedy. Don’t get your knickers in a twist. We discuss the Wikileaks saga, the fact that Porn aims to be the next Google in stealing your private data and that Apple tries to push a dead social network with a dead celebrity. Yep, and while I’m so going to get angry emails from Michael Jackson fans, Tom is going to get emails from […]

Tagged Pays $650k In Spam Dispute

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Remember Tagged? That social network that told you that your friends were on the site and sent you a message, but usually found out they weren’t? Well, guess what – that’s going to stop as they have settled with the San Francisco District Attorney’s office after abusing the email contacts of users. Tagged currently reports itself as the third-largest social networking sigte after Facebook and MySpace, but spamming practises have […]

ACMA slaps Optus $110,000 fine for spamming

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The Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA), the media and telecommunications regulator in Australia, has given Optus a $110,000 fine for two alleged infringements of the Spam Act 2003, for sending SMS messages without an “accurate sender identification”. These were in relation, according to ACMA, to 20,000 SMS messages sent by Optus to promote its entertainment services via its OptusZoo portal via the number “966”, referring to the letters “zoo” […]

IP spam goes to the next level – blogs get random comments from Amsterdam

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While we were gone, we started seeing these comments (like the one’s above), and we thought it was strange, but not suspicious – but when I keep getting notifications on G-Mail and Outlook about these comments, I decided something was wrong, and there is … it is a new type of the blogger’s worst enemy – comment spam. And it seems that is not alone. Many blogs are getting […]

Spam nets $150,000 fine

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The Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) has fined DC Marketing Europe for “serious breaches” in the 2003 Spam Act – where the maximum penalty is $149,600. ACMA has said that DC Marketing Europe had breached the act 102 times, all in July & August last year. DC Marketing Europe had place short, small calls on mobile phone users, placing a missed call message. When users called up the number, […]

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