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Sony Walkman Z: an iPod touch competitor and a worthy Walkman?

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The iPod touch may finally have a competitor in the multimedia space, with Sony today announcing the Walkman Z at their CES 2012 keynote. The Sony Walkman Z has a 4.3 inch touch screen with a 800 x 480 resolution, but sadly runs Android 2.3, meaning it’s already out of date before it’s even made available. It’s expected to arrive in mid-2012, in the US, but an Australian date and price […]

Sony ends production of the Walkman. (Wait… Sony was still making walkmans??)

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In the same way we mourn a legendary aged actor who passes away peacefully in his sleep years and years after his gloriously celebrated days adorning the silver screen, today we mourn the loss of another forgotten past legend. The tape-based Sony Walkman, famous for enabling a generation the convenience and portability of their tunes and beats for the very first time, will no longer be manufactured by the Japanese […]

Sony Walkman goes sport-focused with new players

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Breaking away from the classic iPods, Sony’s Walkman brand still has some place to grow – and that is in MP3 players designed for sport, with the announcement of the B Series and W Series line of MP3 players. The B Series features a new metallic design and offers an intuitive UI with its LED screen. It also includes ZAPPIN, Sony’s own take on Apple VoiceOver, except that it plays […]

Review : Sony Walkman E-Series

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While the iPod still kicks butt in the MP3 player, Sony has spent a lot of time creating brand new lines with its Walkman line up, but now, it seems that the smaller and thinner E Series model finds the perfect balance between cosmetics and features from the iPod nano. has the first review of the product in Australia (from what I can tell), and Terence Huynh puts it […]

New Sony Walkman lets you play dress up with your player

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A bit creepy, but Sony has now introduced a new Walkman that will allow you to customise your player to meet your technicolour dreams, and allow you to dress it up to almost anything you want. The E Series will go out next month in 2GB (NW-E042), 4GB (NW-E043) and 8GB (NW-E044) capacities. It can playback music for about 28 hours, and only weighs 28g. It also comes with a […]

Hikaru – new Walkman phone?

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Sony Ericsson is said to be launching a brand new phone called the Hikaru, according to a report by SEMC Blog. The rumoured phone will have a 2.6-inch screen, an 8 megapixel camera, 8GB of internal memory, a 3.5mm headphone jack, stereo speakers and special keys for the Walkman player. The phone is expected to debut on the Mobile World Congress 2009, or on the 15th of February; and will […]

Sony to launch “Made for Walkman” badge

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Sony has announced today that it will launch a brand new program called "Designed for Walkman", and it will disclose the specs for its "WM-PORT", which is ‘an exclusive multi-terminal for connecting Walkman® with accessories’ – according to Sony. This means approved applicants can proudly show off this logo on the left, but we aren’t expecting any to be released anytime soon, or anytime at all for the 4th place […]

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