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Sony launches online streaming music service in Australia

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Sony has announced the expansion of its online music streaming service, Music Unlimited powered by Qriocity, to Australia, the United States and New Zealand, joining users in the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy and Span. The service, which allows users on Internet-connected Sony devices, such as its line of BRAVIA televisions, Blu-Ray players and PlayStation computers, will stream music from all four major labels – Sony Music Entertainment, Universal Music, […]

Music labels demand Pirate Bay founders pay up

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NEWS IN BRIEF: The big four record labels are seeking one million Swedish kronor from two of the Pirate Bay founders, Gottfird and Fredrik; claiming that they have failed to comply with a court order by the Stockholm District Court to cease operating the site. Despite an appeal granted; Universal Music, EMI Music, Sony Music and Warner Music argue that the since that the site is operational, the two must […]

VEVO is accessible in Australia – just don’t get your hopes up yet

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Guess what! Australia can now officially access! That would be great news, but there is a downside. While you can access the pages, you will not be able to play any of the content – mainly because of rights restrictions (meaning those living in Canada, US or Japan are allowed to view the videos). However, there is a way to watch videos from VEVO – and that’s on YouTube; […]

Report : Sony Music to stay with YouTube, resigns video deal

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YouTube has signed a brand new deal with Sony Music Entertainment to allow music videos from the label’s artists to stay on the website, accomplishing something that YouTube and Warner Music failed to do in a few months back, according to a report on All Things D. The deal, which extends a previous agreement, has not been formally announced, but it has been finalised. It is unclear what are the […]

SonyBMG caught using ‘warez’

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Sony BMG, like other media companies, movie studios or record companies, is not a stranger to piracy as they tend to protect their ‘assets’ and punishing those who don’t pay for the products. But it has been revealed by a French news site [translation], and ZeroPaid and Ars Technica, that Sony BMG may have been a hypocrite. PointDev, a French software company that makes Windows admin tools, is said that […]

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