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Stuck in the moment: Apple’s love for 9:42 and 9:41

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If you have ever drooled, bedazzled, imagined, fantasised or dreamed of the iPhone or iPad before it was released, you may of noticed that at Apple’s keynotes and on their website 9:41am or 9:42am keep appearing. Why is this so? Avid iPhone user and App Store Developer Jon Manning, Lead Developer of Secret Labs, put on his cap and began to follow the trail.

Breaking: No more iPhone Sales? AT&T can do that.

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News just in – it appears the AT&T have suspended sales of the iPhone in NYC. Why? That is still to be resolved but it appears that the AT&T employees have gone ‘rogue’ concerning online and in-store sales. According to Engadget: “…all we’ve heard so far is the charmingly generic "We periodically modify our promotions and distribution channels." Way to quell a fire with the gasoline of ambiguity, friends.” Check […]