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SanDisk unveils new slotRadio player and cards

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CES 2009 : SanDisk has today unveil the new Sansa slotRadio player, along with a companion line of slotRadio music cards, based around the slotMusic idea, and will be preloaded with 1,000 songs handpicked from the Billboard charts and arranged into a variety of "genre-themed playlists”. However, unlike the slotMusic cards, you will not be able to remove the songs off the SD card and put them onto your computer. […]

SanDisk announces slotMusic albums, new Sansa players

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Sansa will be bringing out a new Sansa player that will be used specifically for its new slotMusic microSD card slot that hopes to replace CDs. It will cost US$19.99, it can also play any DRM-free MP3 and WMA music on any microSD card. There will be a branded version of these players, each having a single slotMusic microSD album, and these will cost extra. The players are almost like […]

SanDisk plans microSD cards to have music preloaded

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SanDisk and the four big major record labels (Sony BMG, Universal, EMI and Warner) have said they will be releasing 1GB microSD cards with music preloaded, with Best Buy and Walmart to sell the new cards. It will also come with a USB “sleeve” to ensure “seamless interoperability” with all computers. It suppose to allow you to buy the card and then play it on your mobile phone – too […]