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YEAR IN REVIEW: Microsoft takes a chance

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2012 was a year of refinement from Google and Apple, opting to make small changes to their flagship platforms of Android and iOS, as well as their device portfolios. Yet, almost shockingly, the opposite can be said for Microsoft, who instead launched the biggest change to Windows since its inception, as well as brought core redesigns of Windows Phone to market and introduced a competitive tablet OS that works on […]

SkyDrive gets Metro revamp, introduces Android app

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Microsoft have now finally pushed out the new SkyDrive – now also using the Metro Windows 8-like design similar to what you can find in the Windows 8 app and the new design. In addition, it has also updated its applications for the cloud storage service plus launched an Android app for SkyDrive. By default, it will show the tile-based layout, but you can revert back to the standard […]

SkyDrive vs Google Drive: the definitive guide to documents and files in the cloud

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The cloud is just starting to get big, with Microsoft and Google┬ánow offering to keep your data on the web and sync┬áit to every computer you use. But the big decision is which cloud service to go with: Google Drive or SkyDrive. And while Dropbox has an ecosystem, you’d be a bit silly to not move away from that if you want cloud document editing and a web interface that […]

Google Drive officially launches with 5GB free storage

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Google Drive has finally officially launched, after years of speculation, and is available now or, for some users, very soon. The service, which has literally been rumoured, and then reportedly killed, over 4 years ago has finally arrived with Google Docs, Google+ and Gmail integration, a better API, 5GB of free storage and native file-syncing, basically like DropBox or SkyDrive offers. The biggest difference is Google Drive’s ecosystem, which has […]

Microsoft decreases SkyDrive storage to 7GB for new users, introduces DropBox-style clients for Windows and Mac

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Microsoft has today added a sync client to SkyDrive that works with Mac and Windows. Similar to DropBox, the new SkyDrive apps create a folder, called SkyDrive, which provides a native syncing functionality. But the good news, sadly, comes with bad news. Microsoft has also revealed that, while previous users will still be able to get 25GB, new users will only be getting 7GB. That’s still a lot of data […]

More SkyDrive leaks – BitLocker recovery, support for OpenDocument

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More leaks have started to appear in relation to new features coming soon to Windows Live SkyDrive. The new features could be a sign that Microsoft is actually taking the much-rumoured Google Drive threat seriously. According to LiveSide, new features include BitLocker recovery keys storage on SkyDrive – meaning that you can recover any protected files via the cloud if you forgot your password; and accessing files on a local […]

Skydrive gets more improvements – more (paid) storage, native apps for Windows and Mac

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While many scoff at the idea of SkyDrive being an actual competitor to Dropbox because it has the word “Windows Live” on it, it’s a decent product. And now, it’s about to get some more additions with paid storage increases and native applications for Windows and Mac. The news of the clients come via the little promo on the leaked images, but Mac users will certainly rejoice. You can now […]

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