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The Year in Review 2010: The Highlights Reel

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2010. What a year to end a decade. From political uncertainty in the United States, Australia and the United Kingdom, the leaking of important US documents – from Afghanistan to diplomatic cables – and even a possible upheaval of our classification system to finally allow a R18+ rating in Australia, bringing it in line with other western nations. We got more information about the new National Broadband Network, while we […]

Pownce gets bought by Six Apart, shuts down service in two weeks

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Pownce, that high-end Twitter clone created by Kevin Rose and his friends that was started in June 2007 (as a private beta), have announced that they have been bought by Movable Type and Vox owners Six Apart; and that in two weeks, Pownce will shut down its doors forever on December 15. According to the Six Apart blog, all of the team will make the move to Movable Type. However, […]