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Doctor Who 2013 Christmas Special, Sherlock Series 3 trailers released

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SPOILERS! If you haven’t watched The Day of the Doctor that was on ABC1 earlier this morning and instead waiting for it to appear on iView, watch it in cinemas in 3D, or waiting for its repeat at 7:30pm – then you probably should avoid this post. The BBC has released two new trailers just after the airing of The Day of the Doctor – one ten second teaser of the upcoming Christmas […]

BBC releases Sherlock series 3 teaser

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Moffat, you big tease. First the Doctor Who announcement (which is going to air on ABC1 live in Australia at 4am), now this? The BBC has aired a teaser of the new series of Sherlock, premiering after its repeat showing of Series 2. The trailer doesn’t spoil anything, but I’m still excited about it. No date has been set for Series 3 by the BBC, but is likely to air […]