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GALLERY: Sharp announces 20 LED TVs over 60-inches

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Did you know, Sharp makes televisions? Yes, they don’t make only microwaves. And they’ve just announced 20 new large-screen 60-inch or more LED TVs – yes, you read that right, 60-inch or more LED TVs. They also include their new SmartCentral Smart TV system, so at least you can watch cat videos in large screens. Press release and gallery after the jump. SHARP MAKES BIGGER, BETTER WITH A NEW LARGE-SCREEN […]

TECHGEEK Podcast 5: Filter Us. We dare you!

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We are joined by Cupertino Loop‘s editor and (questionable) impressionist of Julia Gillard, James Wilson, for this week’s episode of the TECHGEEK Podcast – where we talk about the iOS 4 jailbreak, Apple no longer acting like a schoolgirl from high school, Liberals support for no filter and BlackBerry banned in UAE and Saudi Arabia. Sorry for the (if not apparent, disregard this) broken episode, mainly because James Wilson decided […]

Sharp to have 3D smartphone this year, no glasses required

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Thought 3D would be dead? It has infected movies, televisions and gaming, and the most logical step has to be mobile phones. Right? Sharp is said to be releasing a 3D-capable smartphone sometime in the year. However, you will not need to wear any glasses, a la the Nintendo 3DS. A spokesperson for the company, telling Reuters, said that it will likely have a 3D capable camera. And like all […]

Sharp brings 100GB BDXL discs – but only for Japan

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Need that extra storage that you couldn’t get on a standard Blu-Ray disc? Sharp has brought out the first of the new BDXL discs, with its first disc – the VR-100BR1 – able to hold up to 100GB of storage with its triple-layer design. However, that doesn’t stop there. Akihabara News reports that a 128GB version with four layers on the disc, instead of the normal two found on Blu-Ray […]

Review : Sony Bloggie MHS-PM5K

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Who would have thought that a HD camera could be so small these days? First the Flip does it and now many other competitors are lining up trying to take a stake in that market; and Sony is no exception with its Bloggie camera line – the model we got is the MHS-PM5K, and we did a piece on it during our CES 2010 coverage. Now it has landed in […]

Dell sues LCD makers for price fixing

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Dell has accused five Asian LCD manufacturers — Hitachi, Sharp, Toshiba, HannStar, and Seiko Epson — for price fixing in a lawsuit filed in the US District Court of San Francisco, according to a report on Reuters. For Hitachi and Sharp, it’s familiar territory. In December, Nokia filed suit against the two companies for LCD price fixing; while in March last year, the two companies — along with LG and Chunghwa […]

Nokia sues Asian LCD makers over price-fixing allegations

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Nokia, the largest maker of phones in the entire world, has decided to sue Asian LCD panel makers – including LG, Sharp, Hitachi and Samsung – after alleging that all the parties colluded with each other to fix prices for their LCD displays, which are used almost anywhere today – including phones. Turns out, this is pretty common, with several LCD makers pleaded guilty in price fixing late last year […]

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