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Beta version of next Vista service pack to be released next week

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The beta version of Vista Service Pack 2 will be released on October 29, according to a blog post made by the Windows Vista Team Blog, with the finalised version being released in the first half of 2009. The new beta will fix several problems including reliability and performance, and hopes to retain compatibly with applications on Vista and Vista SP1, after a problem with SP1 breaking certain applications. Also, […]

XP SP3 will not let you downgrade IE

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Windows XP users who just upgraded to the new service pack will not be able to downgrade back to Internet Explorer 6 after that option would be impossible. This also applies to those who are running the beta version of IE8. Jane Maliouta, deployment manager for IE8, has written on MSDN that the decision to prevent downgrading was "by design". Those who have the Beta 1 version of IE8, you […]

XP SP3 debut date announced

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Microsoft has now officially said the SP3 version of XP will come out of the “first half of 2008”, but some RTM (Release to Manufacturing) builds are expected to come out on the second half of April. As well, released by Neowin, its release schedule sees April 14 as the day when support is available for the release version. April 21 will see only OEM, Volume License, Connect and MSDN […]

Apple set to launch Leopard ‘Service Pack’

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After complaints over the Mac OS X 10.5 problems with Firewalls and Upgrading and most new (and old) features being a pain, AppleInsider has the scoop over a launch of 10.5.1 for Leopard. AppleInsider cite Apple that Apple has highlighted “Time Machine, Mail, iCal, Back To My Mac, Bonjour, AirPort, gaming graphics, networking and the Finder” as areas that deserve close attention. But that’s not all, early adopters have said […]

Leaked Vista Service Pack 1

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The leak of the first service pack for WIndows Vista, imaginatively named SP1, means that we get to hear about the improvements before it gets a real release. APCMag reviewed a leaked copy of the software, and found that it’s pretty much your standard service pack fare: a bunch of bug fixes and noticeable performance tweaks. The only new feature is an option to create a recovery disk, along with […]

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