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TECHGEEK Tips 4: Oh Crap, My Blog Just Got Hacked

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As James isn’t here to record it (he’s studying… apparently), we roped in Tom Solari, the Lead Editor of Gadgets, to help us record this week’s podcast. The episode deals with what to do when you’re blog just got hacked. If you remember hearing about it, then you are correct. It was here on this blog. Remember Security Month? Well, it is this – minus the technical details and made […]

Security Month: It’s a wrap.

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… and it’s the end of July. Yes, an entire month with posts dedicated on helping you protect your identity and security online. That was our first themed-month, and it was an excellent thing to run on our blog. We would like to personally thank BitDefender for partnering with us for the month. Hopefully our security-themed articles helped you. And don’t worry, we’re not going to stop covering security – […]

TG Podcast 3: The Winners are Announced

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No, we are not talking about the winners of Masterchef or the winner of the election, we are talking about who has won our nifty competition for one of ten copies of BitDefender’s Total Security 2010 security suite package. Yes, that one – the one that has been promoted on our website. We closed the competition, we chose ten entries and we have read them out – in the same […]

Tip: F#*K! My blog got hacked. Now what?

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This article is part two of two covering blog hacking for Security Month, a month-long look in the importance of security. You can read the previous part (one dealing with prevention) here. Part Two covers what to do after your blog just got hacked. Enjoy! This article was written by Catalin Cosoi. Recovering from a hack can be a painstaking experience, and the effects of a hack may be felt […]

Tip: How to prevent your blog being hacked

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This article is part one of two covering blog hacking for Security Month, a month-long look in the importance of security. Part two covers what to do when hacked, while this will focus on covering how to prevent your blog from getting hacked. This article was written by Catalin Cosoi. Blogging is undoubtedly one of the most popular ways of expression on the Web. While some bloggers opt for a […]

Keeping your hosting account secure.

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Since July is Security Month for us, we should write something up about keeping your shared hosting account secured. Most hosting companies will have their shared hosting servers pretty well nailed down. However, you do come across some hosting companies that haven’t bothered and your website would be potentially opened to nasties such as XIS attacks and brute-forcing. This guide will only cover the shared hosting side, the customers side. A guide for […]

Tips on making (and remembering) a secure password

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Since July is Security Month for us, why not write something that is basically a huge problem for all of us, even the tech community. That topic is password security. There is no doubt that this is a huge problem, especially when we are told to make it complicated and make it easy to remember – and most often, and I’m sometimes guilty, of making my passwords often easy to […]

Ever wondered where computer viruses get their names from?

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This article is part of Security Month, a month-long initiative to have a look at the security industry and the entire subject as a whole. This guest post was written by Catalin Cosoi, BitDefender senior antispam researcher. Anyone who has ever created something new is granted the right to name it. However, given that computer viruses are born with the purpose of underhand destruction and disruption, they are perhaps […]

Big W photo kisoks infect customers with virus

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If you have ever used a Big W photo kiosk, then we really suggest you scan your computers right now. Why? Well, the store has confirmed that some of its kiosks have been infected with malware, after a posting by an IT profesional claimed that his USB was infected with Trojan.Poison-36. The company told ZDNet Australia, “In a small number of cases we have detected isolated viruses which have been […]

Comp: Win a copy of BitDefender Total Security 2010!

By on is starting July with a huge competition, especially when this month we have dubbed it “Security Month”, giving you some advice on how to be secure online and at home when you are on your PC. Of course, with this we might as well offer a competition – and that is what we have done. In partnership with the good pals of BitDefender, we are offering ten copies, chosen […]