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Tip: How to know if your email account has been hacked (Updated)

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Image: Stewart Wilson/ Since hacking seems to be part of everyday now, there has never been a real way to check if your email account has been hacked – until today. A Sydney-based security researcher, Daniel Grzelak has developed a website which allows people to check if their email accounts have been compromised. The website uses a number of sources to search through and if it finds a match, it will let you […]

Father and Son to pay $8 million for rouge security products

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Fathers and sons usually go fishing or watch a football game, but deceiving unsuspecting people with rouge security applications? Well, one father-and-son duo will now pay over $8 million to settle charges by the Federal Trade Commission – with that money to be used to reimburse victims of their scam. Marc D’Souza, the son, and Maurice D’Souza, the father, are among seven people connected to two companies that operated under […]

Mark Zuckerberg’s page hacked, taken down

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Mark Zuckerberg's Page on Facebook hacked (Source: MG Siegler/TechCrunch) Well, turns out the owner of the website that holds your most valuable information (and ships it off to advertisers) is not immune from hacking. Yes, the CEO of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, found his Facebook page hacked and vandalised before Facebook shut it down. According to TechCrunch, among the variety of other sources around the web, the message left on his […]

OpenBSD Security Flaw

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NEWS IN BRIEF: It has been revealed that since 10 years ago, back door software has been implemented into OpenBSD’s IPsec stack. Gregory Perry, a former developer of the operating system, has revealed that the FBI had paid developers to insert back door software into the operating system. This information has came about due to Perry’s NDA with the FBI has expired. Theo de Raadt, the developer of the operating […]

New Windows zero-day exploit bypasses UAC

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Microsoft has today confirmed that it has begun investigating a new zero-day exploit that allows a malicious attacker to bypass the User Account Control (UAC) on limited access accounts and execute code that could cause damage to the system. According to Prevx, the exploit is a weakness in the win32k.sys file, an important system file that connects the kernel of various Windows subsystems.

TECHGEEK Podcast 16: Limewire R.I.P

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It’s Halloween and we see the deaths of Limewire and the Walkman. The iPhone 4 White version is either dead or still kicking, and little hackers all over the place thanks to a little Firefox plugin. Yeah. It’s an absolute shambles episodes with only two hosts – with Terence and Stewart. After having a break of one week, James off on la-la land, Tom in Phillip Island and sick, and […]

iOS 4.0.2 waiting to meet your iPhone, Apple Retail Store’s safe.

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Well that was short-lived. After much publicity, the PDF exploit that utilises (that site and others) to jailbreak your iPhone has been fixed by the big A. Apple this morning released the 4.0.2 update to fix that specific issue. That is all. No antenna fixing issues. No 3G painkillers. Nothing. Just a PDF, font-subsystem fix to keep Apple’s iPhone and iOS happy. Oh, and to stop youngsters (both real […]

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