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Hasbro drops Scrabulous lawsuit – AP

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Hasbro has decided to drop a lawsuit against the makers of Scrabulous, a popular online version of Scrabble, on Friday, according to documents filed in the US District Court in New York seen by the Associated Press. The documents, however, do not cite a reason on Hasbro’s decision to drop the case. Jayant and Rajat Agarwalla, brothers from Calcutta, India, made the online, non-authorised, version of the popular game Scrabble […]

Scrabble-knockoff now blocked to US users

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Scrabulous fans in the US have been awoken with something horrible to them, they won’t be able to play the Scrabble knockoff as it had been abruptly removed from, according to several sources – including the New York Times. As well, just to make matters worse, the official Hasbro (the owners in the US and Canada) version of Scrabble did not work either, with the game being a victim […]