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PlayStation Network is back online in Australia

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It’s been almost 4 weeks since we’ve been able to connect to the PlayStation Network. In that time Will and Kate have gotten married, Osama Bin Laden was killed, Karl Stephanovic won a Logie (how, we don’t know) and Terence enjoyed Eurovision. But now, or at least in Wollongong, the PlayStation Network is back online. Well, most of it. When you turn on your dusty PlayStation 3, a System Software […]

Gran Turismo 5 Australian Release Date Locked In

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Remember last month when Gran Turismo 5 was delayed again? Ah, good times. Well, have we got some news for you!┬áSony Computer Entertainment Australia has just updated the release date from 3 November 2010, which it missed, to Thursday, 25 November 2010. So get your pre-orders ready kids. It’s gonna be a long line!