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Twitter hit with phishing scams

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Popular microblogging tool Twitter has been targeted under a new phishing scheme to get your Twitter password. Several users, according to Download Squad, are reported to have received a Direct Message that includes a link to a Blogspot link claiming to be a “funny blog about you!”. Once clicking on it, you get redirected to a fake Twitter login page that grabs your password on the blog. The Twitter team […]

Scam site gone after owner’s names and addresses published on web

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A pair of alleged scammers who made millions from the infamous, a “service” that sold monthly subscriptions to unsuspecting web users for standard search results from popular torrent sites like Mininova and The Pirate Bay, have now gotten their identity exposed across the web. As well, users’ credit cards were also being used for subscription payments that were used for other, mysterious charges; and don’t try cancelling since it […]

Olympic scam losses run to $40k

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Australian victims of an online scam has reported losses of more than $40,000 in the first few hours after the national hotline was open today at 9am AEST. It had received more than 30 calls, mostly from Victoria, as it collects information about the scam which the IOC received complaints from overseas victims. Sports fans have said that the website in question was the US-based Even the former NSW […]