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Google reveals top searches of 2008 – “Obama” takes Google’s top fastest rising crown (in the US)

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Following a similar move made by Yahoo, Google has announced that results of its “Fastest Rising” and top search queries from its Zeitgeist; with results from worldwide, the United States and 34 other countries, including New Zealand, United Kingdom and Australia (and if you’re scared about your privacy, don’t worry, Google says that no personal data was used). Barack Obama topped the “Fastest Rising” result in the United States; while […]

State lawmaker’s son charged with Palin email hacking

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David C. Kernell, son of Democratic Tennessee state lawmaker Mike Kernell, has pleaded not guilty on Wednesday after being indicted for breaking into the Yahoo email account of Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin. Kernell, 20, entered the plea in federal court in Knoxville, and was released without posting bond. However, he was told that he was forbidden to use the internet, except to check his email and to do […]

Anonymous hacks Palin’s Yahoo account

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Members of the anti-Scientology group Anonymous have taken turned their attention to Sarah Palin, the vice presidential candidate for the Republicans and the governor of Alaska, by hacking into her Yahoo email account. According to The Register, “activists loosely affiliated” with the group gained access to the account at around midnight. It is unknown how the group managed to get into her account, but screenshots have been posted to Wikileaks […]

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