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MySpace and Facebook to hold joint annoucement tomorrow?

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Invitations have emerged of a joint announcement between MySpace (or, my______, according to their new name) and Facebook with rumours of a possible tie-up between the two companies, even a possible MySpace ‘throwing in the towel’ to Facebook. The invite, sent to Silicon Alley Insider, sees CEO of MySpace, Mike Jones, and VP of Partnerships and Platform Marketing, Dan Rose talking about something. So, that clearly hint at something big […]

Tagged Pays $650k In Spam Dispute

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Remember Tagged? That social network that told you that your friends were on the site and sent you a message, but usually found out they weren’t? Well, guess what – that’s going to stop as they have settled with the San Francisco District Attorney’s office after abusing the email contacts of users. Tagged currently reports itself as the third-largest social networking sigte after Facebook and MySpace, but spamming practises have […]

Dell sues LCD makers for price fixing

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Dell has accused five Asian LCD manufacturers — Hitachi, Sharp, Toshiba, HannStar, and Seiko Epson — for price fixing in a lawsuit filed in the US District Court of San Francisco, according to a report on Reuters. For Hitachi and Sharp, it’s familiar territory. In December, Nokia filed suit against the two companies for LCD price fixing; while in March last year, the two companies — along with LG and Chunghwa […]

Rumour: Apple books venue for event in January?

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RUMOUR MILL: As Oliver Twist said, “Please, sir, I want some more.” And here you go; have some more Apple rumours as an early Christmas present from us. Apple is apparently planning to hold an event at the Yerba Buena Centre for the Arts in San Francisco on January 26 next year, according to the Financial Times. Rumour also has it that this could be the place where they could […]

Case maker publishes iPhone nano protector – could there be iPhone nano after all?

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RUMOUR MILL : XSKN, a third-party case maker, has rekindled rumours of an iPhone nano and has started taking orders for a protective case holder for the rumoured gadget, even though there has been no confirmation from Apple – as expected since its nearly time for the all important, and final year, for the Apple keynote at Macworld at San Francisco. According to Apple Insider, the case maker is selling […]

SF computer network passwords made public

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Only days after the city of San Francisco regained control of its computer network after administrators were locked out of the network, a new vulnerability has come to light – only this time, it was caused by the city itself. The district attorney’s office has apparently made public nearly 150 usernames and passwords used by officials to gain access to the network, after it submitted to the court as Exhibit […]

SF hacker still getting paid by government

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San Francisco has been forced to admit that they were still paying the salary of the same guy that locked them out of their own system after he refused to give the password that would allow them to regain access. It has also been forced to call help from Silicon Valley, including Cisco, to help get its data back after Terry Childs, the hacker, set a master password giving him […]

Admin hijacks SF city network

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A network administrator in San Francisco has been arrested, according to the San Francisco Chronicle, after taking control of the city’s computer network and locking the administrators out of the system. Terry Childs, 43, is currently on jail on a $5 million bail after being arrested on Sunday. He is due to be arraigned on Tuesday. He is accused of tampering with the new fibre wide area network after being […]

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