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S-Memo stores Google Account credentials in plain-text, rooted users at risk

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It has been revealed that Samsung’s S-Memo app stores a user’s Google Account’s password in plaintext. And while it isn’t issue for most users, those who have rooted their phones are at risk as it is accessible. According to XDA Developers, Samsung stores the password inside a SQLite database. The problem was found on a Galaxy S III running Ice Cream Sandwich and has to do with the /data partition […]

Samsung takes on Apple with new ad comparison, but is it fair?

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In a new print advert that will soon be plastered on newspapers in the United States, Samsung is claiming that “it doesn’t take a genius” to determine that the Galaxy S III is “the next big thing”. However, it does slightly skew the comparison with it and the iPhone 5 to its favour, by adding a bunch of things that are highly gimmicks. Of course, we can see they didn’t […]

Telstra, Optus to bring out 4G version Samsung GALAXY S III

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Telstra and Optus have both announced plans to bring the 4G version of the Samsung Galaxy S III to Australia. Whilst this will be one of a few phones on Telstra, the Galaxy S III 4G will be the first phone to be offered on Optus – which has also been switched on today in Sydney, Perth and Newcastle. For those who need a refresher on its specs: it has […]

Morning Briefing: Microsoft sneaks out, S Voice gets leaked and Paul Miller stays offline

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Welcome to the Morning Briefing for the 21st of May, 2012, where we highlight the tech stories from across the web that broke while you were sleeping and what we are watching here at Here’s what we are watching: Just days after Facebook had it’s IPO, Microsoft has quietly released their weird social network,, which was seen previously last year. A number of TECHGEEK editors are on there right […]

Samsung Galaxy S III announced – ICS, 4.8-inch display, 8MP camera

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“Inspired by nature.” That’s the tagline that the Galaxy S III will be sold on. Samsung has officially revealed version 3 of its most popular smartphone line, and will be running Ice Cream Sandwich and feature a gigantic 4.8-inch HD Super AMOLED display. The screen, while 22% bigger, won’t have an impact on its size – with Samsung saying that has reduced the bezel. The phone is also 8.6mm thin, […]

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