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Rumour Mill: Safari, iTunes to merge

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The latest rumour to come from Apple is that Safari and iTunes are about to merge, with Safari – the fourth most popular browser after Internet Explorer, Firefox and WebKit-brother Chrome – piggybacking the success of iTunes to propel it to the top. The rumour is pretty vague itself, but it claims that iTunes controls will be present in Safari and that “Moving iTunes organizational side-bar into Safari isn’t a […]

Internet Explorer falls below 50 percent in browser market

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Microsoft’s dominance of the web may be coming to an end sometime soon, with new statistics from Stat Counter coming out that highlight that Microsoft’s massive share is now less than half of the entire market. While Internet Explorer still reigns supreme, the browser only holds 49.87 percent, while rival Firefox holds 31.5 percent – steady from last month. However, the big success story is Google’s Chrome browser, increasing tremendously […]

Apple faces antitrust review on coding restrictions

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Apple might be in trouble with its restrictions after all, and it took them this long? Reports coming from the Department of Justice and the Federal Trade Commission are looking in beginning who will be taking on Apple on an antitrust complaint on developing applications for the iPhone – the main question, however, is who will it be? After the launch of the SDK for iPhone OS 4, it made […]

iPhone hack makes running Android a reality

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I bet you, as readers on, that you wish that you want to experience the magic of Android – a phone where you can run almost any application that you want, especially those “porn apps” that the CEO of Apple said that you aren’t going to get on the iPhone (unless you use Safari, almost any restriction is bypassed with Safari). Well, now you can – without ever leaving […]

Hell has frozen over: Opera Mini now on iPhone

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Yes folks, you heard right. As of right now, UK and Australian Appstore goers can officially download the Opera Mini web browser for iPhone. This app approval has come with a collective sigh of disbelief as Apple has approved an app that directly competes with one of it’s native apps – Safari Mobile Browser. Who knows what the future may hold for future approvals?

Google shows off port of Quake 2… on a browser with no Flash!?

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Yes, you have read that correctly. In an attempt to show off the power of HTML5 and its GWT engine, Google has created a port of Quake 2 – proving that a lot of people have a lot of time on their hands. Anyway, it is not an April Fools joke, and you can install it and battle your friends (because it is also multiplayer!). However, don’t expect to use […]

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