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Review: Gears of War: Judgement

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Damon Baird takes center stage as the lead protagonist in Epic Games and People Can Fly’s Gears of War: Judgement. But some of the questions that I was left wondering with was did we really need another gears? Was there more of a story to be told? And with Gears of War 3’s release only a year and a half ago was this game going to be polished enough to […]

Review: Halo 4 Spartan Ops – Season 1

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In its first ever introduction in a Halo game Spartan Ops offered episodic cooperative gameplay which advanced the story of Halo 4 long after the campaign credits ended, but would Firefight have been a better alternative or is Spartan Ops here to stay?

Review: Choiix Power Fort

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Don’t you hate it when you are just about to make that important call, or need to add something to your calendar and your phone’s battery dies? The Choiix Power Fort is a new range of a power backup battery packs from Choiix, made by Cooler Master which can save your device when it is about to run out of battery. They are also up to 3 time faster at recharging your USB powered […]

Review: Logitech Laptop Speaker Z305

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The Logitech Laptop Speaker Z305 is a small compact speaker system powered by USB that attaches to your laptops screen. It has it’s own inbuilt sound card which allows you to simply plug the speakers into your computer. The speakers are surround sound capable, so they are also great for watching movies. Check out the full review after the break.

The Year in Review 2010: The Top 10 Posts

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Of course, I think this has to be a yearly tradition. We go back through our analytics information to find out what were the top 10 posts you have read through this entire year. We’re going to do things a bit differently than last year, however, as we post the overall list – but we will also post separate lists for the top articles over at Pwnage, Gadgetlyst and Cupertino […]

Review: OXX Digital Pocket

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The OXX Digital Pocket, however, is unlike most digital radios – it’s slim and small. However, does size make all the difference in performance, quality and even picking up the signals? Does it deserve to be in that Christmas stocking? As well, is it worth getting digital radio, despite it still being a niche? Our review of the OXX Digital Pocket is after the jump.

Review : Logitech MK710 Wireless Desktop

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Logitech, one of the leading computer peripheral companies, has brought out their new MK710 Wireless Desktop. This combo features Logitech’s new Incurve Keys (TM), has a three year battery life and we have been given it to test and use with our up and coming Computer. Our full review is below, after the jump.

Review: Arctic Sound P531 Headphones

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Headsets are important, especially during multiplayer gameplay and podcasting. But which one out of all are better than the others? Are the newbies any better than the top brands out there like Logitech and Sennhesier?’s Tom Solari takes the Arctic Sound P531 headset for a spin.

Review: Motorola DEXT (CLIQ)

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After years in the wilderness, Motorola has come back with a resurgence. From its RAZR days, it seems to have broken the curse it left behind, a la the Seinfeld Curse, with a powerful lineup of Android-powered phones. While we’re not likely to see the Droid X any time soon, the Motorola DEXT (CLIQ) is seems to do the job in promoting its Android message. takes it for a […]

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