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Was it ‘ethical’ for Gawker to unmask a Reddit troll?

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Last week saw a lot of drama across the internet with Gawker Media’s decision to unmask a Reddit troll known as ‘Violentacrez’ – revealed to be a 49-year-old man from Texas. Some Redditors retaliated, putting a self-imposed ban on any Gakwer-related websites and calling the move ‘unethical’. But was it? Unlike ‘professional journalists’, bloggers don’t have a professional body to dictate ethics. However, since the line has pretty much blurred […]

Web users come together to create a happy memory

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Lets end the night with something happy. A Reddit member’s mother passed away this week, and he turned to the social news site to ask them if they could Photoshop the last photo with his mother because of the breathing tubes were obscuring her face and wanted them to remove. The user, elmstreeter, wrote in a posting: My mother died of cancer yesterday. This is the last picture of us […]

Reddit goes open source

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Reddit has made a big announcement today, as of Thursday (or Wednesday in America) the site’s code is open source, under the Common Public Attribution License (CPAL). The social news site, acquired by Conde Nast in 2006, will allow users work on the site themselves, than petitioning for changes. It now counts 4.5 unique visitors monthly, and though smaller than Digg and Yahoo’s Buzz, it has grown 1,000 percent since […]