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Apple recalls Time Capsules sold in 2008

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Bought a Time Capsule between February 2008 and June 2008 and have power issues – including not powering on or will shut down suddenly after starting the box? Well, Apple is issuing a recall of the defective boxes. Those affected have the serial numbers in the range of XX807XXXXXX – XX814XXXXXX, and you can find this number on the very bottom of the device where that grey strip is.

LittleBigPlanet gets early recall after Qur’an references in songs

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LittleBigPlanet, one of the most hyped up titles on Sony’s PlayStation 3, has been given a last-minute, worldwide delay after it was found that one of the song’s lyrics contain lines from the Qur’an, the religious book of Islam. The story began after an Islamic gamer posted on the official Sony community boards about the song after hearing and verifying with friends. “While playing your latest game, "LittleBigPlanet" in the […]

Apple recalls iPhone 3G USB Power adapters after risk of electric shock

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Apple has today announced in the US, Japan, Canada, Mexico and several other Latin America countries that it will be recalling its Ultracompact USB Power Adapter after concerns that they are prone to breaking in certain conditions, causing a risk of an electric shock. Currently, Apple has two versions of the adapters. If you’re one has a green dot on the bottom (as seen on the above right), you have […]