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RealDVD restraining order extended until judge learns from experts

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RealNetworks’ RealDVD product has been ordered to stay shut down until RealNetworks failed to convince a district judge to allow the company to start selling its “legal” way of ripping DVDs on your computer, and may review it again until she learns the functions of the software from experts, including those from the district court. This means that RealDVD will not reappear in the consumer market for more than one […]

RealDVD temporarily shut down as it goes to court against Hollywood

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RealNetworks’ RealDVD has been temporarily shut down until Tuesday (Wednesday AEDT), after a court order so the judge can review all the papers filed from Real’s lawsuit against the motion picture studios. A visit to the site will now feature a message from the company saying “RealDVD is currently unavailable.” “Due to recent legal action taken by the Hollywood movie studios against us, RealDVD is temporarily unavailable. Rest assured, we […]

RealNetworks files suit against movie studios over RealDVD

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RealDVD, though it has only been available for an hour or so, has already gotten the Hollywood movie studios upset about the “ramifications” it could have on the movie industry, according to TechCrunch. According to a statement released by RealNetworks, the developers of the software, it has filed a lawsuit against the studios asking that the court rule that RealDVD “fully complies with the DVD Copy Control Association’s license agreement.” […]