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Gentoo is now (unofficially) on the Raspberry Pi

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Image: Tom Solari/ For those who don’t know, the Raspberry Pi has basically taken the entire tech world by storm – mainly because it’s a computer on one board, and it’s only US$25. And what’s great about the device is that it is open source – so pretty much, you can tinker away. And that is what one Australian has done – by making a Gentoo port for the Raspberry […]

GALLERY: Raspberry Pi Model B

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Around 3 months after the initial launch of the Raspberry Pi, we have finally got our hands on a unit. For me, opening the box was a big ordeal. What can I say, I’ve been waiting for around a year now! Babbling aside, here are some quick pictures of our piece of Pi. Enjoy!

Raspberry Pi update, possible release this Wednesday

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You remember the Raspberry Pi right? It was that $25 computer that was powered by mobile phone ARM processor and is the size of a credit card. Well all those who follow @Raspberry_Pi on Twitter and are subscribed to their mailing list will have received word that there is a “big (and very positive) announcement” coming Wednesday morning at 6am GMT time (5PM AEST).  Hopefully this is means that the […]

$25 computer Raspberry Pi to launch next month

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Tom’s favourite gadget – if you haven’t heard it from his Gadgetlyst Bytes show – is the Raspberry Pi. And now, it has a release date. Yes, the company has announced in an interview to a British magazine that the $25 computer board will be released. In an interview with Edge, David Braben, the head of the foundation producing it, says that 10,000 units will be initially made available via […]

Gadgetlyst Bytes 7: Nokia N9, Raspberry Pi and redesigning game design…

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This month on the show we talk about the hands-on Tom had with the Nokia N9, the Raspberry Pi $25 computer and that ‘atom by atom’ game engine. Stewart and Tom have made a record, this being the second time in a row both them have been on the show at the same time. So don’t forget to subscribe and download and RSS and whatever else you can do. See you next […]

Raspberry Pi nearly in production

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Remember that $25 USB sized computer we reported on a while ago? Well, I got in touch with the charity responsible for it and got an update as to how things are going. Thankfully, (for me at least), they haven’t died or disappeared, following the fate of countless other ventures of this kind. They are actually waiting for their first batch of alpha boards (pre-production devices) to return from manufacture in […]

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