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Why the Internet can be useful and cruel at the same time

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Image by: Tom Solari/ OPINION: The Internet is a marvellous place where we can all communicate instantly without waiting several weeks to communicate internationally, or when we need something instant. But the true power of the internet is always in a major breaking story – such as a natural disaster. This year, we have seen three: the Floods in Queensland, the Earthquake in New Zealand and the powerful tsunami-and-earthquake combo […]

Vodafone network offline in QLD as floods exceed

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Image: Twitpic/samelf Mobile users on Vodafone in Queensland will no longer be able to keep their families up to date as the entire Vodafone network in Queensland has been knocked out due to the severe floods in some parts of the state in recent days. All major townships were suffering voice and data outages since 9:26am in the morning (Sydney Time). Areas include the Brisbane Metro and CBD, Ipswitch and […]