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Psystar sells T-shirts to get support for more “consumer rights” from Apple

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Despite a legal ruling basically destroying their entire business, Psystar is still screaming and looks like its still pushing ahead with its “consumer rights” approach that the Mac OS should not be tied with Apple’s own hardware, but its totally not-stylish and not n00b-friendly hardware should be allowed to use the OS because you have chosen to do (because you bought it from them). That’s why they decided to get […]

Psystar meets Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

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Psystar, the ill-famed company that creates unauthorised Mac clones, has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. Psystar has been at loggerheads with Apple Inc’s tightness between software and hardware over a number of years, citing anti-competition laws as its arguement that Apple is taking advantage of OS X and not allowing others to installed and cheaper, custom-built machines – namely PC’s. Psystar is currently in a legal battle with Apple, with […]