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Feature: Are Australian ISPs ready for IPv6?

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Oh no. The Internet is running of addresses! What shall we do!? Is this the end of the world!? Calm down, it isn’t the end of the world, it just happens to be a technical inconvenience as we already have a solution to fix the very problem called IPv6. But there’s already another problem: it hasn’t been readily deployed. As we face the last remaining blocks and addresses available on […]

Conroy delays internet filter plans as RC review takes place

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Opponents to the internet filter have been given a temporary win as Communications Minister Senator Stephen Conroy announced that he will delay the implementation of the controversial filter. The delay comes as a review into the classification scheme, mainly focusing on what is Refused Classification, is done and what is deemed Refused Classification on the internet – one of the main focuses on Conroy’s filtering plan.

Optus joins government filter trial

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Optus, the second largest ISP in Australia, has been accepted to be part of the Australian Government’s filtering trial after being previously excluded on the announcement, being the only one out of the top three carriers that have been accepted. Optus, along with iiNet, were denied to be participants of the trial. iiNet has since withdrew its application to participate on the filter. “Optus is an active participant in the […]