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Pownce gets bought by Six Apart, shuts down service in two weeks

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Pownce, that high-end Twitter clone created by Kevin Rose and his friends that was started in June 2007 (as a private beta), have announced that they have been bought by Movable Type and Vox owners Six Apart; and that in two weeks, Pownce will shut down its doors forever on December 15. According to the Six Apart blog, all of the team will make the move to Movable Type. However, […]

The ‘Pownce’ Effect…

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Remember Joost, and now it decided to open its doors (sort of). Now, following in its footsteps is Pownce. Pownce is like some kind of clash between Twitter and other Web 2.0 services (I don’t know, I’m just guessing from the images and crap), and was started by none other than Kevin Rose, the guy from Digg. Typing in “Pownce Invites” on Google brings up 290,000 results; most coming from […]

The Kevin Rose Project?

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Kevin Rose is reported to be working on a new ‘IM and Twitter’ competitor. The new company is being developed by Rose, Leah Culver and Digg colleague Daniel Burka. The product’s launch date is expected to be later this month.