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Things Found on Etsy: Companion Cube Ceramic Coin Bank

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Another week, another thing found on Etsy. Basically, for those not in the know, this is a semi-regular feature we have on the site to find the weird, geeky and wonderful products on Etsy, a community for artistic people to sell their own hand-made goods. And this time, we’re going for one of the most popular objects in one of the most popular games ever made – the Companion Cube. […]

Want to own your own Portal Gun? It’ll cost you 16,000 yen

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Want to own these? Yes, you too can have your own Handheld Portal Device made by Aperture Science for just 16,000 yen (or around AUD$193). I mean, who doesn’t want to own a gun that makes teleporting portals out of thin air? Yes, of course I know it’s not real. It’s just a replica. But it is a really good replica of the gun, and even comes with lights that […]

BARGAIN HUNTER: Portal 2, Mass Effect 2 and more on sale today on Steam

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Steam always has great holiday sales and its Autumn Sale is no exception. Every day for the next 5 days there will be different games on sale and today is a cracker: Portal 2, which I gave 10/10,¬†for $10.19USD Duke Nukem Forever for $16.99USD Orcs Must Die for $3.74USD Call Of Duty: Black Ops for $44.99USD Test Drive Unlimited 2 for $4.99USD Renegade Ops for $9.99USD Dejobaan Complete Pack for […]

Review: Portal 2

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In 2007, Valve released Portal and became a huge success. And while it was part of a collection of other games developed by the company, it was announced that a sequel to the popular game. Now in 2011, we see the results of their hard labour. Read our review on Portal 2, by Chris Southcott, after the jump.

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