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Xperia PLAY specs released by Sony Ericsson – to be out in March

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Sony Ericsson has officially announced the full specifications on its most awaited “PlayStation Phone”, the XPERIA Play, at this year’s Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. The company also released the Xperia neo and Xperia pro at the event as well. The phone will feature a 4-inch display with a 5-megapixel camera that will also include flash. The phone will run on a 1GHz Snapdragon processor with a GPU that is […]

“The Next Level”: Sony Ericsson confirms PlayStation Phone, details out next week

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Sony Ericsson has confirmed the worst-kept secret of the year, with the company confirming during the Super Bowl in the United States the existence of the Xperia PLAY – or more commonly known by its other name, the PlayStation Phone. The company’s ad shows off, in a more gruesome fashion, the Android robot being added thumbs – of course symbolising the fact that this phone will be a PlayStation Phone. […]

TECHGEEK Weekly 29: New Blood Required

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While James and Stewart are out, we get Tom Wood – a former host of a former TECHGEEK Podcast incarnation – to help us dissect the news that Playboy is going to the iPad uncensored, the University of Sydney having a privacy headache and Steve Jobs has gone on medical leave – again. Tom Wood, who also happens to be a known advocate of cyber-bullying prevention, also finds himself doing […]

Bloomberg: PSP2 announcement next week, PlayStation Phone at MWC

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Bloomberg has reported that sources close to the matter are saying that a PSP2 launch will be happening next week. Now, this is no surprise, seeing as details on the device have been floating around the tech world for, literally, years and Sony Computer Entertainment Japan is hosting an event next week in Tokyo. In my opinion, it’s very likely. Bloomberg also says that the event will, “outline a strategy […]

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