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TECHGEEK Podcast 21: We dropped the cable

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Okay, we get it. We fail at comedy. Don’t get your knickers in a twist. We discuss the Wikileaks saga, the fact that Porn aims to be the next Google in stealing your private data and that Apple tries to push a dead social network with a dead celebrity. Yep, and while I’m so going to get angry emails from Michael Jackson fans, Tom is going to get emails from […]

Sony announces Playstation Move sold 4.1 million (to stores)

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While both the Kinect and PlayStation Move try to outdo each other as the superior motion controller, the PlayStation Move has already sold more than the Kinect’s 2.5 million units, according to a press release by Sony. Sony claims that the Move has sold over 4.1 million units worldwide since September – two months before the Kinect. However, there might be a catch to that.

Review : PlayStation Move

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While the Wii started this crazy phase, Sony and Microsoft have waited years to perfect their own solutions – and they come out this year. Sony, however, has gotten theirs out of the gate first with their PLAYSTATION MOVE, using the magical wand-like controller to interact with the game. However, does it work? Is it really that fun to use for gaming? Read on.

PlayStation Move Unboxing

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Yes, we know. We’re a little late. But here is our PlayStation Move Unboxing. We were very excited when our PlayStation Move arrived. So we cracked out our camera and took some shots of us unboxing it. If you like to see things taken out of boxes, read on. Otherwise, look out for our review of the hardware soon. Images are after the jump.

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