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Panasonic’s 103-inch 3D plasma – yours only for $104,000

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This is Panasonic’s latest 3D television, an 103-inch plasma display that happens to have a contrast ratio of 5,000,000:1 and can support 1080p full HD resolution – despite the fact the screen would make it a bit stretched because of the freaking size! Also bundled are some 3D glasses and a stand. Yep. That’s it. No Blu-Ray player, movies to test out the 3D content or anything else. Just some […]

The Future of Plasma Television

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ANALYSIS: Talking about the decline of any product would be as hard as talking about its success in the market. There cannot be any product in the market that is launched predicting its downfall. Every new launch is made after a thorough study, design, testing and other necessary routines. However recent reports reveal that the end of the plasma displays is at its closer end. At the same instance, other […]

LG brings out four new plasmas – promises four more during the year

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Proving that plasmas aren’t dead in the water, LG has unveiled four new plasma televisions, with a commitment to have eight new models sometime in 2010. The four models are slimmer and lighter than previous models, with only a depth of around two-inches and are approximately 37 percent thinner – in one case, according to a press release, a 60-inch model was reduced by more than 40 percent. LG’s plasma […]

Pioneer to axe 10,000 jobs globally, gets out of plasma business

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Japanese electronics company Pioneer has said that it will axe 10,000 jobs as it copes with a downturn in sales in its car audio equipment and flat-screen televisions, combined with the stronger yen that is making exporting products to the US more costly. The massive job cuts are the latest from many Japanese companies as they try to cut spending and payrolls, and reduce their productions as they try to […]

Panasonic brings out new “flagship” VIERA plasma

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CES 2009 : Panasonic has announced a huge line of new Plasmas and LCD TVs to be released during 2009. One of them, and being claimed as the “flagship VIERA plasma” for this year is the Z1 series of plasmas. It, along with the other line of plasmas from Panasonic, will have the new VIERA CAST service. The plasma is only one-inch thin, and is a THX Certified Display. It […]

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