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RIAA ditches evidence-gathering firm after changing strategies

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The Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) has dumped the company that it used to gather evidence against 35,000 people for illegally uploading music as part of its five-year-old strategy against piracy, according to a report by The Wall Street Journal. The company, MediaSentry, searched the internet for evidence against people that they claimed were sharing large amounts of music. However, several people and civil-right advocates have complained that the […]

New trojan blocks access to Pirate Bay, Mininova

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A new trojan, identified by Sophos as Troj/Qhost-AC, has been found in the wild after popping up on several torrent sites a few weeks ago, according to Torrent Freak. However, it is a very unusual trojan as it does not install spyware, like others, but  rather blocks access to The Pirate Bay and Mininova, the two most popular torrent sites. The trojan in question originated from a keygen supplied with […]

EA’s “Spore” tops most pirated games of 2008

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While games cannot compete with the amount of pirated movies and television shows that are downloaded, EA’s Spore managed to come close to that number, even though being protected by DRM – topping the list of being the most pirated game for the year 2008, according to TorrentFreak, who complied the list. They estimate that the total downloads for the game is around 1.7 million. Second on the list was […]

RapidShare must remove copyright infringing content, court says.

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RapidShare may face itself without a viable business model if a German court ruling stands. The file sharing service was sued by a German copyright holder, and after telling the court that it was doing all that it could to screen out copyrighted material; the court found that its efforts were insufficient, raising questions about whether the company could do anything sufficient without incurring enough costs to sink the company. […]

Pirates may face jail time if searched by Customs

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Music lovers might have their laptops and MP3 players searched by Customs officers at airports and may face a jail sentence if there is a large amount of pirated music is present. This was revealed after a discussion paper were leaked to the public relating to a treaty that is being negotiated by the Federal Government, and even suggests criminal sanctions for copyright infringements on a commercial scale – meaning […]

Movie-linking sites given $4M in fines

By on and, two sites we haven’t even heard of that index pirated movies on the web, has received US$4 million in fines after a judge found them to be liable for contributing to copyright infringement. For ShowStash, the MPAA says that the site infringed on copyrights by “actively searching for, identifying, collecting, organizing, indexing and posting on their websites links to illegal copies of motion pictures and television shows, […]

Music Industry opens new way to “stop” piracy

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Telstra BigPond has shrugged off threats of legal action against the music industry after record labels drag ISPs to court to stop the piracy. The largest ISP in Australia has said that it would be “gobsmacked” if the music industry here, represented by ARIA, would try to do the same; arguing that local copyright laws protected it for being responsible. The industry wants to adopt a “three strikes and you’re […]

SonyBMG caught using ‘warez’

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Sony BMG, like other media companies, movie studios or record companies, is not a stranger to piracy as they tend to protect their ‘assets’ and punishing those who don’t pay for the products. But it has been revealed by a French news site [translation], and ZeroPaid and Ars Technica, that Sony BMG may have been a hypocrite. PointDev, a French software company that makes Windows admin tools, is said that […]

IE needs the Pirates

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Microsoft has removed that annoying so-called protection program Windows Geniune Advantage on the Internet Explorer 7 version for XP. Kind of embarrassing when Microsoft has to give up on it’s ‘protection’ pride and give in to increase IE7’s market share. According to our statistics, more than 50% use Firefox. IE6 still dominates most of IE’s share and is the only reason why IE’s market share is still on top, despite […]

isoHunt blocks US Users

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IN BRIEF: isoHunt has now blocked US Users on their trackers. This, according to a post on their homepage, applies to all trackers. They claim it is due to the “US’s hostility to P2P technologies” and also the pending lawsuit against the MPAA.

Summer Heights High Leaked…

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IN BRIEF: The ABC (Australia) is now reported to have taken action after the next episode for it’s popular and controversial show, Summer Heights High. It was posted on YouTube. The ABC is also investigating on how it has been leaked. This is ABC’s first take-down notice. The previously reported take-down notice issued to all of The Chaser’s War of Everything clips, which were removed, were a fake. The comedy […] is back from the dead

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The Russian music download site,, is set to be reborn after a Moscow court found that the site is legal. This comes a big blow to the US Government. The site says that it pays it royalties to a non-commercial company that spreads the money to the record companies.

SuprNova may rise again…

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Reports across the web have been spreading with the news that SuprNova, a well-known Bit Torrent sharing site which shut down 3 years ago after legal problems, may reopen next week. An agreement was reached by The Pirate Bay to use the domain name, as reported by TorrentFreak.

Australia is officially ‘the nation of pirates’

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Kinda sounds weird, when Sweden should be this, but Australians are just the worst when pirating on the Internet, according to MacTalk. Now, why is this happening… tech.geek tells you why we are going to Bit Torrent than TV itself… Is our TV at stake? But Bit Torrent is also a threat to the Movie and Music industry as well, but why are Australians downloading TV Shows. This is because […]

Microsoft [kinda] forgives Vietnam

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The Vietnamese Government has signed a deal that would allow all their computers to have a legitimate copy of Windows. The Minister of Finance had signed a deal for Microsoft Office last year during his trip to Microsoft. According to CNN, 90% of software used is pirated and are for sale for just 50 cents. Steve Ballmer witnessed the event. Vietnam had introduced the Internet 10 years ago, and 15 […]

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