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Insync offers cheaper alternative to Dropbox

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Dropbox, the current leader in cloud file syncing, may finally have a worthy competitor in the form of insync, a new file syncing service which uses your pre-existing Google storage to keep you constantly hooked to the cloud. One of the big hurdles of keeping your files in sync using Google Docs when compared to Dropbox is the fact that you always have to use the online editor or be […]

Report: Google to kill Blogger, Picasa for Google+

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Image: MoneyBlogNewz/Flickr (Creative Commons) The brands Blogger and Picasa could be axed and services renamed in an attempt for Google to retire the non-Google names it has acquired over the years and an attempt to unify them under Google+, according to a report published today. According to Mashable, Picasa will be rebranded while “Google Photos” while Blogger renamed “Google Blogs”, and will likely occur at the public launch of Google+.

Samsung brings out new camera SH100 – allows uploads to Facebook via WiFi

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Samsung has announced a brand new camera that has Wi-Fi connectivity, allowing you to easily upload snapshots of precious memories to social networking sites and allow other devices, such as the Galaxy S smartphone, to view the photos. The SH100 has a 14.2-megapixel lens, and will upload your memories to Facebook, Picasa or Photobucket, or even email the photos as attachments. It will also be able to upload HD video […]

How to Replace MobileMe for Free

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Apple’s online suite, while expensive, does look pretty. But can you get most of the job it does for free? You bet.┬áHere are some free alternatives to MobileMe applications. Oh, and excuse my l33t Photoshop skills.

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