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TECHGEEK Podcast 18: Put that in your phone

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John Brumby goes Oprah and starts giving doctors iPads, Facebook tries to kill Gmail with their own email project and your phone will be able to determine if you have a STD instantly. What a freaky little world. Oh, and turns out the Kinect is starting to be a bit creepy (and its not because of Project Milo) when advertising companies are getting images of you performing acts in front […]

Rumour Mill: Is Ballmer going to appear at WWDC?

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Let’s end the day with a rumour that may cause some anguish in the Apple community. Steve Ballmer is rumoured to be making a cameo at the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) – Apple’s biggest event that it holds every year for developers? According to Trip Chowdhry, an analyst with Global Equities Research, who said that he will make an appearance on the opening keynote held on June 7. The topic? […]

Live: Steve Ballmer Keynote

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A keynote, a keynote. The very first keynote of CES kicks starts at 1:30PM today Melbourne Time, and like usual – will do live coverage of the keynote. Will there be a HP/Microsoft tablet? Will we see more of Office 2010? Is there more Windows Live services coming out? All will be revealed when Microsoft’s CEO Steve Ballmer takes the stage for his second CES keynote. Edit [3:37PM]: Event […]

WordPress 2.9 beta to come out at the end of October

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While WordPress is still the best blogging software tool out there in the web, it is still being criticised for not being a “real CMS (Content Management System)”. But, it seems that will change once the 2.9 beta is released around the end of October with brand new features, according to Dougal Campbell. Campbell has said that the next version of 2.9 will include Post Thumbnails, meaning that an image […]

PHP4 life support is cut

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PHP4 will now no longer getting any security patches nor any support – effectively cutting its life support for its next version, PHP5. Since its first stable release in May 22, 2000; PHP4 has been widely supported by many of the open-source software that have not turned to PHP5. While PHP5 has been out for a couple of years after PHP4 was released, the developers kept the two alive to […]

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