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Kazaa gets angry with Symantec after “mistake”

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Remember Kazaa – that adware-riddled application that allowed you to freely download MP3s back in the early noughties? Turns out, they’re still alive, but also have done a Napster and have gone legit after numerous lawsuits and a very big one in Australia that saw it banned. But after Symantec identified it as adware (again), the new owners Brilliant Digital Entertainment are angry and have released a “Consumer Notice”. “Symantec […]

Pirate Bay goes magnetic, DHT as tracker goes offline forever

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Since the start of 2003, the notorious torrent site The Pirate Bay was launched by a group of friends from Sweden, and became one of the largest BitTorrent trackers out there on the web as it handled more than 25 million peers downloading files from their tracker. Jump to today, and some news that would likely shock the entire torrent community – The Pirate Bay is saying bye bye to […]