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Mortal Kombat X Announcement Trailer

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Ed Boon, Creative Director of NetherRealm Studios has announced “Mortal Kombat X” to be the 10th installment in the Mortal Kombat franchise. There were several signs leading to this announcement with a leaked promo poster, listings on Amazon, and cryptic tweets from Ed Boon, its great to see what game NetherRealm are working on for the past few years or so. The trailer features Scorpion and SubZero battling it out in a Snowy Forest environment, […]

Mass Effect 3: Omega DLC Trailer Revealed

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Following the waves of mulitplayer DLC, Bioware released a trailer for their upcoming single-player DLC entitled Omega. The upcoming plot revolves around the ‘Pirate Queen’ Aria T’Loak and her goal of reclaiming and liberating the Cerberus-controlled space station – Omega. The trailer is after the jump. Previously, Omega was one of the main ‘hub worlds’ of Mass Effect 2; which Commander Shepard would partake in various missions. The DLC will […]

Final Fantasy XIV PC Released Date Revealed

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Square Enix has unveiled the date of the newest game in the Final Fantasy series for the PC.  The highly anticipated game, Final Fantasy XIV for the PC will be released on September 30, 2010.  Square Enix has also revealed the standard retail price of the game, $49.99 USD, with the monthly subscription of $12.99 USD. For those who can not wait for the release of the game, Square Enix […]

E3 2010: Final Fantasy XIV

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Once again Square Enix has reveal another Final Fantasy game, Final Fantasy XIV.  For you Final Fantasy fans, you do not have to wait for 3 years, unlike Final Fantasy XIII, as this game will be release this year.  Like Final Fantasy XI, this too will be a MMORPG game. The game is set to be released on both PS3 and PC. When there is good news, there is always […]

Warhead to go on sale next month

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Electronic Arts and Crytek has said that the launch of their upcoming stand-alone but follow-up to its popular and critically acclaimed game Crysis will be out in stores next month. Crysis Warhead will be on sale on September 16 in the US, while it will be released in Europe on September 12. Warhead lets player into the nanosuit of Sergeant “Psycho” Sykes, who is deployed on a different side of […]

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