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iTunes Radio begins transmission in Australia

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With increased competition from Spotify, Rdio, Pandora, Beats Music and plenty of other streaming music services, Apple took a step away from its subscription-free iTunes Store and launched iTunes Radio in September of last year. But, as usual, it was originally only available for US listeners. Or at least until now. iTunes Radio is a free, ad-supported recommmendation-engine, similar to Pandora. Unlike Spotify or other subscription-services, you won’t be able […]

Panasonic goes crazy with 3D, Plasma and LCD televisions

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VIERA TC-L42U30 LCD-LED HDTV (Image: Panasonic) Panasonic is going crazy with televisions, despite the fact we haven’t seen those announcements of the largest plasma televisions in the entire world. But with 14 3D televisions with HD, 7 plasma televisions, 6 LCD-LED HDTVs and 5 LCD HDTVs, Samsung is also pushing 3D television – like many other television producers (i.e. Sony). It’s LCD and LCD-LED lineup will feature In Plane Switching […]

Morning Briefing: Wednesday 29 December 2010

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Welcome to the Morning Briefing for Wednesday 29 December 2010, where we highlight the tech stories from across the web and what we are watching here at Here’s what we are watching: A new iPod nano hack has been found, allowing the potential to support movies, TV shows, games, address book and even a calendar on the small device. According to Silicon Ally Insider, Yahoo’s CEO Carol Bartz has […]

Pandora may be on verge of collapsing, founder says

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Pandora’s founder Tim Westergren has said that the popular web radio service, with 1 million listeners daily and a popular iPhone application, is on the brink of collapse. "We’re approaching a pull-the-plug kind of decision," he said to the Washington Post. "This is like a last stand for webcasting." This comes as web radio stations will pay music royalties higher than their satellite counterparts; with the terrestrial radio stations pay […]

The Box is collapsing…

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Pandora has sent emails to registered users that it will shut down the site for people outside the US. This is due to there is no international version of the DMCA. However, Pandora has announced that they will hope to have enough deals to launch a UK and Canadian Version.

Music’s Pandora Box

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Pandora is a Web 2.0 site that will match a artist or the song’s title to what they describe and try matching it… Basically it’s music, but with a twist. Leaving them with the music, it may be worse… or it could be something that will save your reputation… likely not.

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