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Open webOS announced by HP with September release date

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In December 2011 HP announced that webOS, the OS featured on their failed HP TouchPad and HP Veer and Pre3, would be open sourced. Well today HP has revealed a timeline of when developers and people who want the OS will be able to get their hands on it. By September, HP expects the entire project to be finished. Meanwhile, Enyo, a webOS application framework that made its debut with […]

RUMOUR MILL: HP holding “all-hands” meeting tonight, finally decide the fate of webOS [update]

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UPDATE: Rumours are intensifying after Meg Whitman, current CEO of HP, told a room of HP and Palm employees that a final decision to continue or not continue to support the fledgling webOS will come in three to four weeks. She says that “It’s really important to me to make the right decision, not the fast decision” and that if HP does decide to keep the platform it will “do […]

Reuters: HP could be about to sell webOS for “hundreds of millions of dollars”

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Remember when HP bought Palm in 2010? And remember when HP killed webOS little over a year later in August? Ah, good times. Well, it turns out that HP is looking to close the chapter that is Palm and webOS for good, with a report from Reuters saying that they are looking to sell the webOS unit for “hundreds of millions of dollars,” which isn’t surprising given the recent events. […]

Palm releases Verizon versions of Pre and Pixi, adds Plus to its name

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Remember the Palm Pre and how we got excited over the phone – then that hype died down? Well, Palm has another announcement today; it will be bringing the Palm Pre Plus (above) and Palm Pixi Plus to Verizon. The Pre Plus still looks the same  and comes with the Touchstone recharger and a 3-megapixel camera, but it will have 16GB of on board storage. The Pixi Plus also looks […]

Report: Palm Pre not heading for Verizon

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The Palm Pre might not be coming to another carrier anytime soon, with a report from claiming that Verizon Wireless, the largest carrier in the United States, will not be offering the touch screen phone in January of next year, when Palm’s current exclusivity contract with Sprint Nextel ends in 2009. The news was able to shock investors, and was able to bring down Palm’s shares down to more […]

Despite Pre strength, Palm posts another loss

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Despite the strength of its Pre device in the United States, Palm as posted a fiscal first quarter loss – its ninth consecutive loss – and will sell 16 million shares of the company in hoping to raise some much needed cash to help it balance its finances. While shipments totalled 823,000 units in the period that ended on August 28, which is an decrease of 30 percent compared to […]

Palm Pre dissected

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As launch day for the Palm Pre finally wraps up, a website has decided to dissect its guts to find out what is inside the phone which is closest to being an iPhone competitor. According to CNET’s Crave blog, all the parts cost around US$170 – which is $20 lower than what they are selling it for, $199 with a $100 mail-in rebate and a two year contract. No word […]

Finally, the Palm Pre gets a date

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Sprint, the US carrier that would be selling the phone, has announced the Palm Pre’s launch date, after a long wait after Palm unveiled the phone at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, a date which saw many of its features also available in the new iPhone OS 3.0.

Palm debuts new webOS, new phone for Sprint network

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CES 2009 : Palm, the creators of the Treo, have announced a brand new operating system for 2009, called the webOS; and will release a new smartphone based on the new platform, the Palm Pre, on the Sprint network on the first half of 2009. The new operating system, which will constantly be connected to the internet, is built from the ground up, according to a press release. It is […]

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