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Open webOS announced by HP with September release date

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In December 2011 HP announced that webOS, the OS featured on their failed HP TouchPad and HP Veer and Pre3, would be open sourced. Well today HP has revealed a timeline of when developers and people who want the OS will be able to get their hands on it. By September, HP expects the entire project to be finished. Meanwhile, Enyo, a webOS application framework that made its debut with […]

Palm releases Verizon versions of Pre and Pixi, adds Plus to its name

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Remember the Palm Pre and how we got excited over the phone – then that hype died down? Well, Palm has another announcement today; it will be bringing the Palm Pre Plus (above) and Palm Pixi Plus to Verizon. The Pre Plus still looks the same  and comes with the Touchstone recharger and a 3-megapixel camera, but it will have 16GB of on board storage. The Pixi Plus also looks […]

Pixi to launch on October 20?

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RUMOUR MILL: Looks like the Palm Pixi, the new smartphone that will have its webOS platform, is set to be released on October 20, according to the Boy Genius Report. Though the person who gave the information to BGR is new to them, they did say that Best Buy and Sprint stores will be carrying the phone. You can read our previous coverage on the Palm Pixi – “Palm announces […]

Palm announces new Pixi to continue webOS

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Palm has quietly announced that it will launch the Palm Pixi, a new phone that will have a visible keyboard with a touchscreen, and will have the same operating system as the Pre. So, basically, think of this as the little brother of the Pre. Like webOS, it will integrate all your contacts from Microsoft Exchange, Google, Facebook, LinkedIn and Yahoo; while also allowing you to chat to your Yahoo […]

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