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Vodafone network offline in QLD as floods exceed

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Image: Twitpic/samelf Mobile users on Vodafone in Queensland will no longer be able to keep their families up to date as the entire Vodafone network in Queensland has been knocked out due to the severe floods in some parts of the state in recent days. All major townships were suffering voice and data outages since 9:26am in the morning (Sydney Time). Areas include the Brisbane Metro and CBD, Ipswitch and […]

Updated: Wikipedia down because of power outage

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Wikipedia, along with the sites belonging to the Wikimedia Foundation, experienced a two hour outage, after a power outage happened at its Florida-based data center, according to Wikipedia. Overheating problems were initially reported to be the cause of the outage, similar to an incident that happened in March – which took the site down for more than a couple of hours.

Optus – Vodafone network goes offline in Sydney’s Northern Beaches

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Optus’ struggle to maintain its 3G mobile network has taken another twist after customers are reporting that the 3G network has gone down in the Sydney’s Northern Beaches area. It is currently providing partial service after a maintenance operation, after botching a previous capacity upgrade, during a five day period when it first went down. The downtime also affected Vodafone customers, who Optus has been providing data services for 18 […]

Telstra ADSL down after software failure

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Queensland is plagued with problems, as another exchange in the state had been knocked out for more than 48 hours. A Telstra exchange on the Gold Coast has knocked out ADSL services to many of its customers in the South Eastern part of Queensland, and even in Port Adelaide in South Australia and Lesmurdie in Western Australia. While Telstra claims that only 1,000 customers have been impacted, the range of […]

Flawed software sends Optus into chaos

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Flawed software patches from Nokia Siemens Networks has sent Optus’ 3G network in Brisbane down since 6am after it battled to reconfigure the network after a recent upgrade. The upgrade, which went to all mobile switches nationwide, was supposed to provide better speeds and capacity loads. However, it triggered three separate network failures which caused chaos of customers in Queensland, New South Wales, ACT and Victoria last week – leaving […]

Council admits cutting Optus cable

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Gold Coast City Council has admitted that it was in charge of a project that cut the cables on Optus’ main fibre cable, leaving many Queenslanders without any landline, mobile or internet connections. It initially denied any wrongdoing, before they admitted that they failed to check the locations of the cable before it was severed during construction of a "pumps and pipes" project which is not yet officially part of […]

Developing: Major Outage in QLD

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This is a Developing Story. Check back here once in a while for more added content about the QLD outage. Whirlpool is reporting that Optus is experiencing a major outage in Queensland and in Northern New South Wales because of simultaneous network failures. Optus has said the problem came after a construction mishap, thus cutting all internet and telecommunication services from Queensland. The outage occurred around 8:00 am, and has […]

Major outage in QLD, Northern NSW

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Whirlpool is reporting that Optus is experiencing a major outage in Queensland and in Northern New South Wales because of simulatneous network failures. According to them, a fibre link between the two states were damaged at the same time when its hardware failed. It affects all services, including internet access, mobile and landlines. This is also affecting all other ISPs who rely on the link. They say that the service […]

Optus reveals truth about its network hang-ups

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After 16 years of competition on the telecommunications industry, Optus has said in a submission to the government on the regulation of the fibre-optic broadband network. It has said that "16 years after deregulation, Telstra continues to dominate the fixed-line sector and the current regulatory framework has proved to be incapable of effectively regulating". Telstra currently resells the network to all telecommunication rivals, since it was partly owned by the […]

Web glitch costs Amazon

By on is counting the effects, if there were any, after its site experienced problems in North America for more than two hours because of ‘system issues’. Before 10am California time on a Saturday, the website was shut down and giving an error code to anyone visiting it, according to Keynote Systems – a company who measures the performance of websites. However, Amazon’s services it provides to other companies were not […]