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Windows Phone 7 brings new UI, Xbox LIVE integration

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It’s official. Windows Phone 7 has been announced at Mobile World Congress – albeit, we are a bit late on the news. The phone will bring a “fresh approach to phone software, distinguished by smart design and truly integrated experiences that bring to the surface the content people care about from the Web and applications.” The version 7 is most likely to tie it in with Windows 7 for desktops […]

France Telecom confirms Apple tablet? [Updated]

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Turns out, the French aren’t that really good in keeping a secret after all. France Telecom executive Stéphane Richards has revealed that France Telecom, which runs the Orange network in the country and is one of the carriers in France to sell the iPhone, will sell the Apple tablet – confirming its existence, according to a video posted on Richards also confirmed, after being asked by journalist Jean-Pierre Elkabbach, […]

T-Mobile, Orange to merge UK operations

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Deutsche Telekom and France Telecom have announced plans to merge their UK operations, branded as T-Mobile and Orange respectively, to form the largest mobile phone operator, pushing current market leader O2, owned by Telefonica, from the top. According to both companies, the deal would generate estimated cost savings of over €4 billion, or US$5.7 million, and both companies will run as separate brands for 18 months while a review on […]

iPhone in France

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Yep, The iPhone is now going to France. Announced today, the iPhone will be available on the Orange network. As well, it will cost only 300 euros ($495 in Australian Dollars). There will be no unlimited data plan, unlike the counterpart in the USA. As well, against rumours, it will not have 3G capabilities… a step down. It uses the EDGE connection, plus Wi-Fi; a huge let down as Telstra […]

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