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Android code does contain copied Java code!

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If you remember back in October, Oracle launched a huge lawsuit against Google, claiming that the Android OS was lifting code produced by them. While Google has disagreed with that fact, a little investigation by a blogger does reveal that Oracle was right after all. It appears, according to FOSSpatents’ Florian Mueller, that the lifted code was decompiled from Java 2 Standard Edition and redistributed under the Apache open source […]

EU clears Oracle/Sun deal

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The European Union has given its approval to Orcale’s purchase of Sun Microsystems, the owners of several technologies like MySQL and Java, after finalising its investigation that was opened in September of last year. The investigation was launched to see if it would be an impediment of “effective competition” within the European Economic Area (EEA), a free-trade agreement within the European Union and three other states – Iceland, Liechtenstein and […]

EU opens antitrust investigations into Oracle-Sun deal

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The European Commission has opened an antitrust investigation into software maker Oracle and its planned purchase of Sun Microsystems, as the commission says it has serious worries about the deal that could see higher prices and limited choice for database software. Oracle, the second-largest software maker, announced on April 21 of this year that it would buy Sun Microsystems and would see the combined company having both Sun’s popular technology […]

Sun to be bought by Oracle, not IBM

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In a blow to a rumoured deal with IBM, Sun Microsystems has announced that Oracle has agreed to buy the Java and MySQL owner for US$7.4 billion, or US$9.50 per share – a 10 cent increase to what IBM was bidding for, in a shocking announcement that managed to send Sun’s share up by nearly 37 percent. The board has unanimously approved the deal – unlike the rejection of the […]

Breaking News: Sun Microsystems to be bought by Oracle

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It has been reported and confirmed on a number of news and tech sites that the software giant Sun Micro will be bought out Oracle for $9.50USD a share, equaling an approximate $5.6 Billion USD (Net) deal to be closed at the end of August. IBM backed out of a deal earlier this year which prompted the way for Oracle to take advantage of the falling apart. It is believed […]

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