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The Future of Plasma Television

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ANALYSIS: Talking about the decline of any product would be as hard as talking about its success in the market. There cannot be any product in the market that is launched predicting its downfall. Every new launch is made after a thorough study, design, testing and other necessary routines. However recent reports reveal that the end of the plasma displays is at its closer end. At the same instance, other […]

Vietnam rejects Google claims of hacking

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Google’s claims that Vietnamese computer users were spied on and blogs critical of the government were hacked into were rejected by Vietnamese authorities talking to the AFP, telling the news agency that these were “groundless opinions”. A spokeswoman from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said that Vietnam has “specific regulations against computer viruses, harmful software and for ensuring information security and secrecy.”

SA election to be life or death of R18+ proposal

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While Tasmania and South Australia go to the polls today, it will be life or death for many proponents for an R18+ classification rating in Australia as one political party hopes to ‘dethrone’ SA Attorney-General Michael Atkinson after angering many gamers. The candidate for Croydon, which is a very safe Labor seat, Kat Nicholson carries the hopes of possibly removing Atkinson after refusing to support a proposal of an adult-only […]

Nintendo’s anti-piracy measures, have they gone too far?

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“ROMs can only be obtained and played if you already own the game, have a license to the game or are part of a commercial marketing company. This seems fine until you notice that your gameplay is disrupted from built-in anti-piracy software, programmed by Nintendo to stop you from allegedly playing it illegally.”

This is why Twitter is drifting me away

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OPINION: Twitter used to be a place where geeks can tweet to other technology geeks, and then we would get some celebrities – but they would only use it because they tend to know the geekiness of the site. But now, Twitter has gone from being that to being mainstream – and I don’t blame the media… I blame the pre-teen girls addicted to Disney. OK, while I may be […]

Steve Jobs’ health saga : Get over it!

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OPINION : As you may have read from this blog, and many other blogs around the world, about Steve Jobs and his hormonal imbalance, and that recently he took a medical leave of absence because his health became a bit more complex and that his health was distracting not only his family, but also those at Apple. And after that, we have gotten reports that he may get a liver […]

The Web 2.0 [.01]

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The Web is increasing by many millions of pages every day as it has become the source of what we do. We buy music [legally or illegally, your choice], do our shopping, communicate and get informed by breaking news. Yes, the internet has made everything possible… However, something in your hand can make that change… Your Mobile Phone…

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