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OPINION: Apple Watch fails to live up to the hype

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So, after years of waiting, the so called Apple ‘iWatch’ finally made its appearance today, as the lacklustre Apple Watch.  Years of expectations being built up, will it have a curved sapphire screen,  or will it feature a round display? Will it run iOS or something entirely different? How will it offer anything different to the countless other smart watches already on the market? What was announced  today, however, was […]

Xbox One First Impressions

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The Xbox One has been on everybody’s minds after the reveal of what is going to be the biggest thing in Home Entertainment. With a huge focus on TV, Sports, Gaming Experience and Immersion, the Xbox One looks to be a very awesome water cooler. Microsoft are really set on redefining the Entertainment experience. but what does our Pwnage editor Adrian think about Microsoft’s new direction? Design Firstly i would […]

OPINION: Privacy is one thing, pointless fear mongering is another

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Privacy is important. There is no doubt about it. When apps send entire address books, unencrypted, without permission, people have every right to be upset. I am not denying that. But what has stunned me is something that happens almost every time a company, such as Facebook, changes anything. And that is the amount of people that will instantly call it a privacy concern, or likewise, begin acting like it’s […]