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SA election to be life or death of R18+ proposal

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While Tasmania and South Australia go to the polls today, it will be life or death for many proponents for an R18+ classification rating in Australia as one political party hopes to ‘dethrone’ SA Attorney-General Michael Atkinson after angering many gamers. The candidate for Croydon, which is a very safe Labor seat, Kat Nicholson carries the hopes of possibly removing Atkinson after refusing to support a proposal of an adult-only […]

Nokia makes navigation free on its GPS devices

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Nokia has announced that it will make all GPS-enabled Nokia devices allowed to access for free its Ovi Maps service – including turn-by-turn navigation and city guides -to over 74 countries in 46 languages. Previously, Nokia has limited basic map navigation for those using it for free, and turn-by-turn navigation and city guides were additional extras. By making this free, according to Executive Vice President Anssi Vanjoki, he hopes to […]

WiFi a/b/g/n and introducing WiFi Direct

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There it is folks – a new Wi-Fi type that will be officially support by the Wi-Fi Alliance and is aimed to do one thing – create a devices-to-deivces network without a base station or ad-hoc nonsense. From the Wi-Fi Alliance website press release: The specification, previously code-named “Wi-Fi peer-to-peer,” can be implemented in any Wi-Fi device, from mobile phones, cameras, printers, and notebook computers, to human interface devices such […]

Facebook, Twitter out-do MySpace

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MySpace – it was (and to some still is) the biggest social networking site of once upon a time. Nobody was cool unless you had it – employers, potential co-workers and friends at school all bragged of using it. Facebook was just thought of as a “it’ll never grow” site and Twitter was no where to be heard of. Well, times are-a-changing. In a recent survey, data results show that […]

Tech companies caught in Opes web

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After the collapse of margin lender Opes Prime, more than 25 percent, or 50 companies, of the 180-listed major technology firms have been revealed to be in the books since it went into administration last week. Exposure, according to The Australian, does not appear to be large but it’s creditors, ANZ and Merrill Lynch, have seized the stocks attacked to those who are well known in the tech and communications […]

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