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Browser squabbles force W3C to drop codec requirements in HTML5

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The latest revision to the code that makes up the entire Web is set to drop codec requirements that would set specific formats (codecs) on video and audio files that could allow people to distribute multimedia easier as browsers fight over which format should be the standard. The main five browsers (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Opera) have not been able to agree on the specific format that all […]

Opera claims that on June 16 it “will reinvent the web”

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Though many have claimed that they will reinvent the web, or change it, or do something to excite us, Opera has decided to push this page through its website that it will reinvent the web on June 16 at 9am Norwegian Time, or 5PM Melbourne Time, and we know it is not Opera 10 because it just released its beta last week. But what will it be?

Microsoft competitors join in EU antitrust case over Internet Explorer

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The European Commission (EC) has granted a request from the European Committee for Interoperable Systems (ECIS) to be a third-party participant in its case against Microsoft’s practises over its bundling of Internet Explorer with the Windows operating system. The ECIS, however, has members who are competitors to Microsoft in its different fronts; including Adobe, Corel, IBM, Nokia, Oracle, RealNetworks, Red Hat, Sun Microsystems, and more importantly, Opera – who asked […]

Mozilla to join EU fight against Microsoft’s Internet Explorer

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The European Commission has granted Mozilla, the owners of the second-most popular browser in the world, the right to join its case against Microsoft after the Commission charged Microsoft over distorting the market for web browsers after bundling Internet Explorer with its Windows operating system. If the charges go all the way, Microsoft could be paying a huge fine – like it did for a previous case with Windows Media […]

IE drops in market share; IE, Chrome, Safari rise

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Internet Explorer continues its drop in the browser war, but still is retains the number one placing, with 67.55 percent of the total market share, according to Net Applications – down from December’s 68.15%, and it looks likes a continuing trend. Firefox, Safari and Chrome continues to grow, while Opera lost 0.01 percent. Firefox was up 21.53 percent, from December’s 21.34 percent; while Safari grew from 7.93 percent to 8.29 […]

Internet Explorer losing ground – continues to fall below 70 percent

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New data from Net Applications have shown that Microsoft’s Internet Explorer, the dominant browser around the web, is continuing to drop below 70 percent, to have a market share of 68.15% for the month of December, down from a 69.77% from November. Firefox’s market share increased to 21 percent, while Safari continues to grown to capture a share of nearly 8 percent. Opera, however, has the same market share it […]

Browsers fail password security tests – Chrome and Safari worse than Firefox, IE

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A report by Chapin Information Services (CIS) has said Google’s Chrome and Apple Safari performed the worst, failing all but two of the 21 tests performed. However, effectively, all the browsers did not get a passing grade, with only Firefox and Opera managed to 7 out of the 21 tests, or 1/3 of the tests; and Internet Explorer managed to pass 5 tests. Chrome’s password managed failed three tests which […]

IE falls below 70 percent in Nov. 2008, Firefox 21%

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According to Net Applications, Internet Explorer has fallen from October’s figure of 71.27 percent to 69.77 percent, while Firefox managed to gain from October’s 19.97 percent to have a percentage of 20.78 percent for November – managing to break the 20% margin. Meanwhile, Opera and Chrome still battle for fourth place, while Safari still continues to be in third place. After Google launched the Chrome browser (which is based on […]

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