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Windows Live to support OpenID

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OpenID, the login standard that allows you to use one account to login to different sites, has gotten a huge boost after Microsoft announced that its over 400 million Windows Live IDs will now be part of the initiative, mainly from its Hotmail and Messenger service). This basically follows in the footsteps of Yahoo and AOL, as both have supported the standard before the announcement. While this may not mean […]

MySpace to support OpenID

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MySpace users will now be able to connect to sites that support OpenID with their MySpace account, joining the already 120 million+ who currently have an OpenID in use. It will join Yahoo, Flickr, Blogger and AOL in using the new login standard. OpenID’s way of logging in is you type in a special URL, depending on which of your accounts support OpenID. They usually are just blogs, or links […]

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